V-ARMED creates custom 3D VR simulations for large-scale training. Our life-like multiplayer scenarios enhance mission readiness and situational awareness for defense, law enforcement, first-responder and engineering teams.


Advancing Training & Simulation

V-Armed Inc. is a New York-based virtual reality technology company that specializes in military and law enforcement immersive training (approved vendor of the Department of Homeland Security).

VR Law Enforcement Training

Established in 2016, V-Armed is a part of the Animated Storyboards Inc. group that has over 18 years of experience and reputation in the 3D animation and motion capture market. Our client roster consists of some of the biggest Hollywood studios, gaming companies and global advertising brands and agencies located around the world. Our technical and artistic knowledge allows us to bring to market a superior training tool that combines off-the-shelf products with proprietary software and hardware that will eventually become the standard for law enforcement training.

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Next Generation Immersive Trainer

Our 6-DOF stationary VR ystem allows up to 10 trainees to participate simultaneously within a free roaming scenario. Trainees are fully armed and can move within the virtual training world allowing interaction with either real or virtual avatars.

After-Action Review (AAR)

The AAR system records the entire training session to be replayed in a full 3D display from unlimited points of view providing trainers with the ability to assess, guide and improve the trainee’s performance. It gathers and analyzes a range of data associated with the actions in the scenario such as reaction time, shots and trajectories, weapon muzzling and biometric measuring.

Scenario Editor & Creator (SCE)

Our SCE software allows training personnel to simply create and edit an unlimited number of scenarios on their own. With the SCE the trainer can set different action triggers based on the training objectives, choose between numerous weather and lighting conditions and save the edited scenarios in a usable library.

Weapon Tracking

Our weapon tracking system works with a variety of hand and long guns and soon additional law enforcement weaponry including a stun gun, pepper spray, baton, flashlight, radio and handcuffs. We have designed these elements to be as close to reality as possible while safe for training and we are careful to not create negative muscle memory training.

Body Tracking

We track the trainee’s real-life movement on the floor bringing it into the virtual world as a human avatar. Walking, running, jumping, etc. are replicated accurately and are visible to other trainees. The trainees are able to see each other in the virtual world and communicate with body gestures or verbal commands. In fact, it takes less then a minute to put on and calibrate the tracking system.

Additional Props Tracking

Our Immersive Training System can track multiple props and objects that can be useful in law enforcement training. Doors, windows, furniture and even smaller objects can be trackable in the real world and brought into the virtual world. In many instances, props increase the sense of immersion.

Premium Graphics & Sound

The high-quality graphics and well-designed characters and environments as well as 3D audio and sound effects create a fully immersive training experience which is both desirable and productive.

Large or Small Space

The dimensions of the training space can vary based on the needs of the agency from a 30x30 sf to 200x200 or more. The space can be shaped in any configuration and does not have to be square. For smaller and limited training spaces, we also offer a portable system that tracks up to two trainees at once.

Asset Library

We create and share an endless open source bank of assets, built from over 20 years of work in 3D modeling and animation. We can add and provide monthly updates and improvements. We also can hold certain confidential assets you wish to remain available for your use only.

Contact Us Today

Our headquarters located in one of the country’s most thriving neighborhoods. At our 10,000 sq. ft facility in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, we have our highly-equipped VR studio and R&D team. For a one-on-one demo and presentation of our capabilities, please reach out to us.

New York

630 Flushing Ave, 3rd Floor
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