About V-Armed

Virtual reality technology company specializing in immersive training for law enforcement and first responders.

The New Standard for Law Enforcement Training

Established in 2016, V-Armed is a part of the Animated Storyboards Inc. group that has over 18 years of experience and reputation in the 3D animation and motion capture market. Our client roster consists of some of the biggest Hollywood studios, gaming companies, and global advertising brands and agencies located around the world. Our technical and artistic knowledge allows us to bring to market a superior training tool. Our off-the-shelf products combined with proprietary software and hardware will eventually become the new standard for law enforcement training.

Our Values


We understand that life or death in our field depends on accuracy. Therefore, we value solutions that are as close to the real world as possible.


We believe in the old axiom “What gets measured gets done”. Therefore, we aim to create systems that make accountability possible.


We understand that the world is a complicated place and that threats evolve daily. Therefore we value solutions that are able to meet the scale and complexity of the world.


We believe service should be at the heart of any software or training system we design. Our goal is a safer community through our products and services.

Our Partners

As an approved vendor of the Department of Homeland security, we partner with police departments and government agencies to create VR training scenarios that improve training efficiency.

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