VR Training Features

Improve training efficiency and effectiveness with custom, large-scale VR simulations.

Next-Generation Immersive Training Features

Our 6DoF stationary VR system allows up to 10 trainees to participate simultaneously within a free-roaming scenario. Trainees are fully equipped and can move within the virtual training world allowing interaction with either real or virtual avatars. Our system leverages 3D directional audio and sound effects along with high-fidelity graphics and well-designed characters and environments to create a realistic and measurable training experience.

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Customized, Location-Scale Environments

We customize the virtual training environments to look and operate as requested. The dimensions and shape of the training space can be altered to fit the agency’s needs from 30x30ft to 200x200ft. Imagine training in a high-profile location like the World Trade Center Pavilion in NYC or the populated Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. Through customization, V-Armed prepares local officers for local threats.

Scenario Creator
& Editor (SCE)

Our SCE software allows training personnel to create and edit an unlimited number of scenarios independently. This allows the trainer to stay within their agency’s objectives and create a limitless array of training possibilities. Through the SCE, the trainer can set different action triggers based on the training objectives, choose between weather and lighting conditions, and save the edited scenarios in a usable library.

After-Action Review

The AAR system records the entire training session to be replayed in a full 3D display from unlimited points of view. This provides trainers the ability to assess, guide, and improve the trainee’s performance immediately. It gathers and analyzes a range of data associated with the actions in the scenario such as reaction time, shots and trajectories, first aid application, weapon muzzling, and biometric measuring.

Weapon & Prop Tracking

Our weapon tracking system works with almost all lethal and less lethal force options. This includes handguns, long guns, electroshock weapons, OC spray, batons, flashlights, multi-tools, beanbag launchers, and radios. We can also track props like doors, windows, and furniture. Customize your weapons and props to fit your training objectives.

Full Body Tracking

We track the trainee’s real-life movement on the floor bringing it into the virtual world as a human avatar. Walking, running, jumping, etc. are replicated accurately and are visible to other trainees. The trainees are able to see each other in the virtual world and communicate with body gestures or verbal commands.

Shared Asset Library

To create an efficient build process and a more realistic training experience, we create and share an endless open-source bank of assets built from over 20 years of 3D modeling and animation work. We can add and provide monthly updates and improvements as requested.

Our Partners

As an approved vendor of the Department of Homeland security, we partner with police departments and government agencies to create VR training scenarios that improve the effectiveness of training.

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