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Our virtual reality training system for law enforcement and first responders has been featured by media outlets around the world.


The LAPD has developed the first POST Certified police training course using VR

LAPD Academy Trains Custom Scenarios Using
V-Armed System

NYPD using VR to train for active shootings and real-life scenarios

V-Armed showcases live VR Law Enforcement training demos at IACP 2023

In The Press

NYPD Uses Location-Based VR For Active Shooter Training

“When it comes to the NYPD’s Counterterrorism Bureau, New York Cities’ primary local resource to guard against international and domestic terrorism, there’s no such thing as being overly prepared. Now, through the help of location-based VR technology, the NYPD is…”

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NYPD is testing virtual reality training drills for real-life scenarios

“Imagine the possibilities if the NYPD could conduct active shooter training drills at the World Trade Center. Now, because of virtual reality they can. A couple hundred NYPD officers have taken part in a week-long pilot program at a state-of-the-art facility in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It is the…”

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Experience Next-Gen Simulation

“V-Armed is the latest addition to the Animated Storyboards family of businesses, which, for 15 years, has been a leading supplier of motion capture animation and computer generated imagery to the advertising industry. V-Armed boasts a global cadre of animators, engineers, designers, producers and…”

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How to Use VR in Police Officer Training?

“Remember during our childhood time in the 90s where we love to pretend being a cool police by playing the arcade game called “Virtua Cop“. Some part of the game really mimic the actual scenario such as the need to differentiate between the bad guy and the hostage. You must be very careful not to accidentally shoot…”

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Efficient police virtual training environment in VR by V-Armed

“Virtual reality has seen many implementations in the Training & Simulation sector, from brain surgery to military operations. Now, VR-based law enforcement training is available to police officers to quickly and safely train them for a variety of situations. One of the most…”

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In virtual reality, officers train for the worst in Lynnwood

“From the outside, Snohomish County Deputy Tim Leo appeared to be interacting with thin air in a middle school gymnasium on Wednesday: He opened imaginary doors, shouted commands at nobody in particular and fired a fake gun at invisible bad guys. Inside a set of virtual reality…”

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LAPD Uses VR to Help Handle Mental Health Calls

“Officers now have a way to learn about the streets of LA without being there. The process of Virtual Reality has been around for a few years and was mostly tied to gaming, but now it’s becoming a common practice for law enforcement training throughout the country.”

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Mexico City police fight crime in virtual reality training centre

“It looks like a modern version of laser tag, or someone taking a VR computer game too seriously – but police in Mexico are now training to take on virtual bad guys within virtual reality.”

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