Mexico City PD Team Training

Only a few months into the second year of using their V-Armed virtual training system, the Mexico City Police have become the first agency to upgrade from backpack computers to a wireless streaming configuration. The Mexico City PD uses their basketball court-sized VR system to train around 40 in-service police and security teams each day. By rotating groups of 10 officers through each training station – briefing room, equipment setup, VR training, and after action review – the on-site training staff create an extremely efficient training experience for the officers.

Because the effectiveness and training throughput of the V-Armed system has made such a positive impact on officer readiness, the Mexico City Police decided to take advantage of the latest configuration V-Armed offers – a state-of-the-art VR computing system that streams visual content directly to wireless HTC VIVE XR Elite headsets via HTC’s private 5G network G REIGNS. Providing greater realism, freedom of movement, and longer battery life, the wireless system gets the technology of virtual reality out of the way so each team can train with their own tactical gear as they would in the field without anything holding them back.

When asked how the V-Armed training system differs compared to other training methods the Mexico City PD has used, Instructor Marco Vasquez shared, “(The V-Armed System) is a 180-degree difference compared to other kinds of police training because there is total immersion to specific situations that may arise in real life. It allows us a totally controlled environment to analyze, measure and observe precisely how the officers operate in enforcing the law.”

Although several other agencies have already been using the V-Armed Wireless system, the Mexico City PD is the first to upgrade to this configuration from an existing setup. This upgrade speaks to the robust nature of V-Armed software, hardware, and support that drives such positive outcomes in the realm of virtual reality police training.

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Paul Grajek