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The V-Armed team was proud to be invited to this year’s WEST conference in San Diego by DoD technology services company GDIT to show off 5G-powered tactical military simulation capabilities for the nation’s top sea services professionals. During I/ITSEC 2023, GDIT was captivated by the sniper/spotter simulation V-Armed prepared for the conference in the HTC booth, and was excited to share the potential of our capabilities with the military and defense community in their booth at WEST 2024.

As there was no comparable demonstration at WEST like what V-Armed brought to the table, it drew quite a crowd to the GDIT booth. The simulation involved a two-person, full-body immersion virtual reality training experience where a sniper and spotter team were tasked with neutralizing an inbound truck packed with explosives before it engaged with civilians and marines. Using highly precise motion capture through an OptiTrack system, the participants were able to see themselves and each other moving in the virtual environment – with VR video streamed wirelessly by HTC G REIGN’s highly secure, low-latency, high throughput 5G private network box REIGN CORE. Participants wore VIVE XR Elite headsets to immerse themselves in the scenario.

Hundreds of attendees streamed through the GDIT V-Armed demonstration throughout the week, from in-service members of the Navy, Coast Guard, and Marines, to members of related industry and defense organizations. “The V-Armed team is very happy to be at WEST this year to show the attendees how our technology can help power the training needs of all the military branches, not just law enforcement where we already have a dominant presence,” said Paul Grajek, V-Armed CMO.

You can get a quick look at some of the action from the WEST conference and the V-Armed training demo at the video below. To learn more about how V-Armed technology can enhance mission readiness for the military, visit https://www.v-armed.com/military-media/

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Paul Grajek